Coin Collecting

Coin collecting certainly isn’t something new, however it is new to me. Ive started collecting the latest coins with different designs from the UK such as 50p £1 £2 etc some of them have really striking designs with them and with the coins changing shortly I haven’t got long to get them in with the current Round pounds ending in October.

Coin Collecting can be a quite expensive past time and being on a limited income I need to find other ways to fund my hobby. Now this site isn’t about get rich quick or what stock to invest in, It is all about things you can do in day to day to generate a slight extra bit of income that might help you save elsewhere or even get a few pennies into a paypal or amazon account. All the advice I give and reviews I post is what I have done myself and use either regularly or don’t use for a specific reason but I will detail as much as I can in each post.

This isn’t just for the coin hunters amongst us it could be for any of you who have hobbies that cost pennies.


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